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Situations In Which A Business Development Coach Can Help.
  • You expect to lose or have lost one or more significant clients.

  • Your area of specialization or practice no longer produces the matters it once did.

  • You have developed an expertise in a niche area of the law but are not sure how to monetize it.

  • You are or have moved to a new law firm and need to bring your clients with you or develop new clients.

  • You experience frequent resistance to your fees or rates.

  • You have a 'must-not-lose' client pitch or presentation.

  • Your best client contacts are retiring, changing companies or leaving their position.

  • You are a new Partner who must now generate your own clients.

  • You recently joined a private firm from in-house, regulatory, judicial  or governmental position and need to build a book of business.

  • You have or will be stepping down from a firm leadership position and need to rebuild your client base.

  • Your firm merged with another firm resulting in you being  conflicted from working with your former clients.




Situations In Which A Practice Advisor Can Help
  • Your practice group loses more client pitches than it wins.

  • Your practice group's billings have declined by more than 15%.

  • Key Partners have recently left the group.

  • Your practice group is not cross sold by other groups in the firm.

  • The group cannot agree on a direction for the practice.

  • The clients of the practice group regularly complain about attorney rates and fees.

  • Your practice group struggles to land Fortune 500 clients.

  • One or two partners in the group are responsible for the vast majority of new clients or control the majority of client relationships.

  • You are concerned that the practice group's marketing program is not effective or is inefficient.

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