Training Programs and Presentations

GDC provides a variety of business development training programs and presentations. Our training programs emphasize attraction over promotion and influence over manipulation. Modules are designed with non-manipulative client development techniques which have been developed through decades of work with top trusted advisors across several industries. Out innovative and proprietary concepts are dispersed throughout every presentation and include 'Creating Gravitational Pull: How the Very Best Rainmakers Attract Clients' and 'The Critical Importance of Pi-Shaped Knowledge: The Two Areas of Your Practice Which Drives Your Success'. 


Presentations can be custom delivered as full or half day training programs, or as one hour retreat or lunch-and-learn sessions. All programs can be customized to the unique needs of each client. Training sessions can be video taped for the firm's internal use and include workbooks, exercises, document templates, checklists, client development tips and customer service support.


Forensic Business Development Research: Finding Legal Opportunities by Monitoring Unusual Business Activities


Companies who run into legal issues, more often than not, had warning signs which provided clues to these developing problems. If you stay informed and pay attention to these clues,  you can gain a competitive business development advantage, learn a company's business more deeply and provide distinctive value to clients and prospects.  


The process by which you anticipate these and numerous other types of legal needs is what is called, ‘Forensic Business Development Research (FBDR)’. FBDR enables you to monitor unusual business  events, activities and financial indicators reported through a variety of channels and sources. These activities, taken as a single event or as a combination of events, can indicate emerging or potential issues faced by a company. 


In the FBDR training program, staff and attorneys learn to analize a company's business model and understand its greatest vulnerabilities and opportunities. Particpants will learn how to set up a monitoring system to watch for unusual business activities that can portend of emerging legal problems and opportunities. And how to summarize the most critical inforamtion and share the findings with clients in a way that positions the law firm for new work assignments. 


Associate Business Development Training:  Proven strategies for developing your own book of business.


This program is an introduction to business development techniques and tactics which covers a broad array of the skills and capabilities needed to be a successful Rainmaker today. Topics covered include managing and developing powerful connections; building trust; using social media to connect with prospects; delivering added value; conducting a first meeting; effective questioning techniques; developing specialty/niche practice expertise; the keys to building loyal relationships; and tips for client service.


Creating Viral Content: Marketing by creating content that gets read and spread.


Writing articles, blogs, client memos and newsletters takes a different set of skills than brief writing. Learn how to develop valuable, relevant information for clients using the 'Hindsights to Foresights' model. Participants will learn to write articles and client communications that are interesting, relevant, concise and easy to read by both in-house counsel and business managers. This presentation will instruct participants in how to identify emerging issues and trends important to clients and how to use this information to hold better meetings and and present clients with unique insights. It also covers tips for repurposing content and using social media and search engine optimization to expand distribution and increase the exposure of the participants' materials.  


Business Development for Administrative Support Personnel


Administrative personnel can provide valuable support to attorneys in their business and client development efforts. These important resources are often overlooked and rarely fully utilized. This presentation covers simple yet effective ways for secretaries and paralegals to provide valuable assistance in client research, contacts management, intelligence gathering, plan management and marketing program efficiency. 


Building Powerful Connections: How to build a powerful network of connections.


There is business development gold in who you know if you know how to know who you know. This presentation covers the basics of managing your contacts and connections, how to identify everyone that you should know, how to prioritize these connections and how to conduct an outreach program and adopt the outreach discipline. It also covers effective ways to get referrals, encourage reciprocity and stay top of mind among network influencers. In addition, the program describes the types of information which should be recorded in the attorney's contact management database and company dossier and how to maintain records that will contribute to the firm's business development efforts for years to come.


Business Acumen and Understanding: How to understand and speak to a client on their terms.


You don't need an MBA to talk shop with your clients but you do need a basic understanding of their business to gain credibility and a trusted advisor role. This presentation covers the fundamental knowledge that every attorney should know about their client's business including a review of basic financial analysis, revenue streams, competitive landscape and how to understand the company's business model. It identifies the Internet sources to find this information, questions to ask clients, the types of information that can reveal problems for a client and the basic tools and activities one can use to stay abreast of their client's business. Particpants in this session will understand how to monitor unusual business activities which reveal legal servicing opportunities and the forensic business development research techniques that can provide competitive and client intelligence that will set you apart and fuel your growth.


Using LinkedIn for Business Development:


This presentation reviews strategies for using LinkedIn to develop new business. The presentation covers basic content marketing strategies, participating in group discussions, and emailing groups  of people. It also includes tips for writing effective profiles, encouraging testimonials and proper etiquette on LinkedIn.


Market Positioning: Effective Business Development Strategies for the New Normal


This program provides context and practical models and worksheets which participants can use to explore strategy and business development concepts more thoroughly. It is highly recommended as a precursor to strategic planning sessions or business development training programs.


The program includes a discussion of the legal industry lifecycle; basic practice differentiation strategies; methods to determine the degree of commoditization in a practice; the forces that will affect legal practices in the coming years; the key information to know in understanding the client's business; the phases on the professional  services sales process; the most effective business development strategies; and the marketing, sales and service continuum.