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"We believe the strategic planning process outlined in the document Eric provided to us is quite good. It is very comprehensive from start to finish and is as sophisticated an approach as we have seen undertaken by any law firm (or most corporations)."

Principal, Law Firm Strategy Consulting Firm


“There are a lot of people that do what you do (business development coaching), most of whom I wouldn’t work with as they really don’t know what they are doing. They don’t seem to have been there and offer practical advice. But you really do know what you’re doing and you have good ideas. I like that you do much of the work yourself instead of expecting me to do it all- I just don’t have the time. I also like that you help me set priorities and keep on me to do what I need to do. It’s very helpful.”

Corporate Practice Group Leader, AmLaw 100 Law Firm 



"I like Eric Dewey, Group Dewey Consulting.  He’s in the west but coaches a few of our partners here in the east.  I think he’s one of the best out there.  Solid knowledge, organized and a good strategizer."

            Chief Marketing Officer, AmLaw 100 Law Firm



"I would never have thought of this as a niche for my practice. But it makes perfect sense. Clearly there's a huge opportunity here. Your research and plan was fantastic. Thank you!"

Management Committee Member, AmLaw 100 Law Firm



"The work that he did was impeccable from start to finish."

Managing Partner, Amlaw 200 Law Firm



“Eric is astonishingly knowledgeable about our firm, is proportionate in responses and solutions, and is sensitive to matters such as ethics and our collegial relations.  He made himself available (on short notice and with quick responses) to John and me all weekend.  He wrote portions of the RFI cold. I simply wish he were working here.”

Office Managing Partner, AmLaw 200 Law Firm



"I spoke with two of the strategic procurement folks who handled the logistics of the RFP process.  Both were effusive in their praise for the efforts of Eric Dewey, saying that his communications and efforts stood out from among the many firms they dealt with (376 firms got the RFP, 134 evaluation interviews were conducted, 64 negotiations followed, with 47 firms, including ours as you know, being selected).  They both thought Eric represented our firm extremely competently and presented it in a very favorable light."

Partner, AmLaw 200 Law Firm



"The practice focus you recommended looks great!  I knew nothing about that until you pointed it out.  Focusing on some of the foreign companies is a good idea too, given our firm's relationships abroad. Thanks so much!"


Partner, AmLaw 100 Law Firm



"I’ve known Eric Dewey as a member of the legal marketing community for half a dozen years. He has impressed me greatly as a person of great ideas and great follow-through. His marketing and business development strategies are aligned with the tactics he designs and executes. If you want a 50-page business development plan, Eric’s not your man. If you want to triple your business in one year, he definitely is."

Ann Lee Gibson Principal, Ann Lee Gibson Consulting



“Eric's ’16 Ways to Avoid a Haircut’ is good advice for lawyers who might tend to crumble when asked for price concessions.”

Chief Marketing Officer, AmLaw 200 Law Firm


"Eric Dewey is the consummate professional and brings to the table that extra human quality of empathy that is so often lacking today. I have found Eric to be a forward-thinker with great insight and excellent communication skills."


Deborah Thomas-Nininger

Etiquette Consultant



"Eric is a superstar! His work on client feedback programs resulted in significant new opportunities--and significant new revenue!"

Director Client Services, AmLaw 100 Law Firm



"I've worked alongside Eric in the legal marketing industry for several years and have always found his thoughts, ideas and perceptions to be very insightful. Eric is bright and very dedicated to helping professionals succeed and has a passion for understanding and bettering the strategies used in professional services marketing. He understands the power of smart marketing and he knows how to create and build a brand." 

Kim Proxmire

Professional Services Marketing & Strategy Consultant

"I've had the opportunity to work side by side with Eric in his marketing of both professional legal services and in marketing financial services and his experience is trusted. I would recommend Eric's talents to any organization looking to move forward with clear messaging and strategic marketing." 

Lou Varga, 

Owner/Producer at Varga Communications,

Member, Legal Ethics and Professional Conduct Committee of the Ohio State Bar Association



"Eric is an extraordinary marketing executive. He is able to think outside the box, bringing unique ideas and concepts to fruition. He easily grasps the big picture while remaining attentive to details and is a consummate professional, conscientious in his relationships with colleagues and clients alike. I highly recommend this marketing professional."


Tina Gehres

President/CEO Gehres Law Group, PC



"Eric was extremely attentive, strategic and efficient. He demanded excellence, yet was easy and enjoyable to work with."

Jen Schmits Thomas

President of JTPR, Inc.



"Eric has a strong marketing background and understands the value of research-driven strategy and strategically-driven creative work. Together, we created a new brand campaign for the law firm that, according to research, broke records for both readership and memorability. It was a pleasure working with Eric, and I'd welcome the opportunity to work with him again."


Stephen Fechtor

Owner, Fechtor Advertising, LLC



Eric's thoughtful, business-centric approach to professional services/legal marketing is a true asset. Eric's unique ability to keep the overall business goals in mind when advising clients regarding marketing and business development objectives is what sets him apart. And above all, he's just a great guy to work alongside!


Ryan Daniels, Director of Business Development & Client Relations, AmLaw 200 law firm



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