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Group Dewey Consulting provides a range of services built on decades of experience working with, observing and guiding a wide range of professional service providers. Our services include: 

Business Development Training 

Our philosophy of business development is simple. Attraction is more powerful than promotion.


GDC's business development training program was developed through decades of observation of the most successful professionals in legal services, banking, commercial real estate and management consulting.  The program, Creating Gravitational Pull, leverages the best practices and proven techniques gained through working directly with hundreds of lawyers, bankers and professional service providers. Courses can be delivered virtually or on site at the firm's offices or a combination of virtual and onsite instruction. Courses are customized to the law firm's individual needs and can include one-to-one and one-to group coaching sessions.

Course materials cover a wide range of topics and include practical exercises and resources to anchor key concepts and techniques. We provide training to practice and industry groups, marketing departments and individuals at every career level. Our more popular courses include:

  • Building Expertise through Thought Leadership and Content Marketing

  • Building a Powerful Network of Connections

  • Practice Differentiation and Competitive Positioning Strategies

  • Outreach and Communication Strategies

  • Attorney Business and Marketing Plans – Finding Your Path Forward

  • Building Personal Influence -Managing Reputation and Influence

  • Developing Business Acumen – Understanding Your Client’s Business

  • Cross Marketing and Internal Promotion Strategies – Grabbing the Low Hanging Fruit

  • Consultative Value Creation – How Co-Creating Value Drives Powerful Client Relationships

  • Effective Client Acquisition Pricing Strategies

  • Seizing Media and Public Relations Opportunities

  • Maximizing Public Speaking and Seminar Attendance



Client Feedback and Interviews


Understanding the value you deliver to clients from the client's perspective is critical to growing your practice. Without a comprehensive understanding of how you are perceived by clients and where you deliver exceptional value, you'll most likely struggle to stake a competitive advantage and grow your practice. To do this, you must become a better listener than your competitors. 


Client interviews are customized to the particular objectives of each law firm. They can be used to provide context for strategic planning, to deepen client relationships, identify value enhancing service offerings or ensure consistent levels of service delivery among client teams. GDC helps law firms develop comprehensive client feedback programs and processes to ensure the firm is always listening to its clients, seizing opportunities and avoiding service issues.


Bruce has developed a comprehensive methodology based on years of interviewing Fortune 100 company executives on their outside counsel service delivery. His practical yet comprehensive approach often reveals new opportunities for the firm as well as early warning of developing problems. The depth of his inquiry assures that the process identifies ways in which the firm can add value in the client relationship.

Additional Areas of Expertise

  • Market Analysis and Competitive Intelligence

  • Client Surveys and Interviews

  • Marketing Department Staffing and Functional Reviews

  • RFP Response Strategy, Pitch Development and Post Mortems

  • Video production for video bios, training, media training and retreats.



  • Retreat Facilitation and Presentations

  • Practice Group Management Training

  • Recruiting Process Assessments

  • New Office Openings

  • Brand and Website Consulting

  • Speaking engagements




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