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Research, Strategy & Planning
Marketing Plans and Strategy

Great strategy is simple, compelling and easily understood. It leaves no question about what needs to be done. And, more importantly, you'll know clearly what not to do. But getting to a simple yet deeply effective strategy requires tools that reveal the core competencies of the firm and the value proposition that attracts and retains profitable clients.


We provide firm strategic plans, marketing plans, practice group plans and individual attorney business plan development and implementation. In each of our planning sessions, we assist you in identifying, articulating and engineering a set of competencies which form a unique competitive advantage designed to attract profitable clients. 


In our Strategy sessions, you will:

  • craft a simple, compelling strategy statement that enables every stakeholder in the firm to move forward ‘independently together’

  • build a one page strategy roadmap that explains how the practices, operations, finance and marketing work together to produce higher profits and greater efficiency

  • understand where each practice area sits in the commoditization cycle and how to maximize profits in each phase

  • know which marketing tactics will produce the greatest return on your investment

  • know which capabilities and competencies of your firm, as well as those of your competitors, are valued most by your clients


Client Feedback and Interviews


Understanding the value you deliver to clients from the client's perspective is critical to growing your practice. Without a comprehensive understanding of how you are perceived by clients and where you deliver exceptional value, you'll most likely struggle to stake a competitive advantage and grow your practice. To do this, you must become a better listener than your competitors. 


Client interviews are customized to the particular objectives of each law firm. They can be used to provide context for strategic planning, to deepen client relationships, identify value enhancing service offerings or ensure consistent levels of service delivery among client teams. GDC helps law firms develop comprehensive client feedback programs and processes to ensure the firm is always listening to its clients, seizing opportunities and avoiding service issues.


Bruce has developed a comprehensive methodology based on years of interviewing Fortune 100 company executives on their outside counsel service delivery. His practical yet comprehensive approach often reveals new opportunities for the firm as well as early warning of developing problems. The depth of his inquiry assures that the process identifies ways in which the firm can add value in the client relationship.

Market, Practice Area and Key Client Strategy Development:

GDC develops focused marketing and business development plans to guide law firms and attorneys in market expansion, practice development, industry concentration and key client account management. We have experience guiding strategic planning initiatives and developing competitive positioning plans for small to large size law firms and practice areas. We don’t just tell you what you could do but how to combine the power of operational excellence, service excellence, and practice excellence that sets you apart and attracts clients. Ideas only have power if they can be implemented quickly and practically.

Opportunities Research:

GDC conducts opportunities research on behalf of clients including client interviews, market expansion studies, practice growth strategies and client intelligence monitoring. We can assist in new office market due diligence, lateral partner or practice group due diligence and research to prepare for firm strategic planning initiatives. Our Forensic Business Development Research process has been featured at the annual conferences of the AALL, ALA, LMA and in Practice Management magazine and The Recorder. The innovative research enables firms to better use administrative staff to improve key client business intelligence and identify legal sales opportunities by monitoring their unusual business activities.

Outside Marketing Department Services:

Many firms value the services of professional marketing support and advice but prefer the flexibility and economy of an outside marketing department service. GDC offers marketing, advertising, PR and business development support and advice to growing law firms who demand the highest level of service and professional advice without the cost of permanently placed staff.

Additional Areas of Expertise

  • Market Analysis and Competitive Intelligence

  • Client Surveys and Interviews

  • Marketing Department Staffing and Functional Reviews

  • RFP Response Strategy, Pitch Development and Post Mortems

  • Video production for video bios, training, media training and retreats.



  • Retreat Facilitation and Presentations

  • Practice Group Management Training

  • Recruiting Process Assessments

  • New Office Openings

  • Brand and Website Consulting

  • Speaking engagements




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