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How to Get Great Testimonials 

Use This Model to Help Clients Write Recommendations That Sell


Most people cringe at the idea of asking for a testimonial or review. When I suggest to my coaching clients to request client testimonials, I usually get that stare into the middle distance that tells me they are frantically cataloguing all the reasons why they can’t do it. But do this they must. Testimonials are important social clues that help prospective clients figure out whether providers are safe bets for their budgets. You can find other ways to provide this proof (such as case studies, awards and other third party recommendations), but there are few tactics as powerful as the opinions of peers and former clients.

Get More Wins! 

Assessing RFP Response Quality with Post Mortem Client Interviews


With in house counsel using Request For Proposals (RFPs) as a standard operating procedure today, law firms need to constantly improve their response to these requests. The most effective way to guide your RFP response improvement process is by getting feedback from the people who read the responses. This article lists 20 important questions to ask in a post mortem interview which can help you pinpoint how to improve your response to the ubiquitious RFP.

It Takes a Village to Integrate a Lateral! 

Why lateral partner integration is important and how to improve the success rate. 


Recent studies suggest that 50% of laterals don't even break even within 5 years at their new firm. With the cost of lateral recruiting a significant six figure investment, recruiting right, selecting right, and integrating right are imperatives.  This article outlines ways in which lateral partner integration can be improved. 

Hindsights, Insights and Foresights

Producing Content that Clients Value



Content should be evaluated in terms of the value or benefit  it delivers to clients and prospective clients. Think of content as being on a continuum of value ranging, on one extreme, from  negative value  in which the communication presents no new information, is delivered late or is too difficult to read to, on the other extreme, highly valuable information because it is unique in its analysis, relevant to its readers and delivered well enough in advance that readers can take full advantage of the information 

7 Reasons Networking is Dead - Or Should Be


I'm not a big fan of 'networking' -that rite of passage for every professional with aspirations of career changes, promotions or new clients. It has its place, of course. But it's not the business development panacea many would make it out to be. In fact, I think networking can do more harm than good in some ways. To make my point, here are 7 ways 'connecting' is better than 'networking'. 

Maximizing Conferences and Seminars


Conferences are a great way to expand your network of connections, learn best practices and gain valuable insights into emerging issues affecting your industry. The energy created by hundreds of industry insiders meeting for several days delving into the challenges of the day can re-charge your batteries in ways few other marketing activities can. But they can also be expensive endeavors that need to be carefully managed and executed in order to reap the greatest rewards from the investment. Read our easy step-by-step plan to maximize your conference investment.

The Benefits of Business Development Training


Business Development training and individual attorney coaching can be a sizeable investment for law firms. It’s important for law firm leaders to articulate and clarify the benefits of training and coaching. There are two kinds of benefits to business development training: 1. The economic benefits which can be tracked and are often expressed as Return on Investment and 2. The Cultural benefits which are more difficult to monitor and report but are nonetheless equally compelling benefits.

Conducting a First Client Meeting


First impressions are important. First meetings are even more important. This article demonstrates how lawyers can make impactful first impressions by planning and executing first meetings with prospective clients that lead to engagements.

Herding Lions in a Minefield 

Tools to Align Partners in Preparation for Competitive Strategy Work


Developing a competitive strategy among a loose coalition of entrepreneurs is a herculean task made easier when every partner has a shared understanding of the dynamics of the industry and a common language and tools to guide the analysis and discussion. This paper presents several models useful in developing and executing competitive law firm strategy and a means to align individual and practice group initiatives in a way that supports the overall strategic direction of the firm. 

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