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Practie Group Management Solutions


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Financial Analysis for Practice Group Planning  

Use the Financial Analysis to be sure you have included all the information you'll need to conduct a practice group financial analysis. The document includes calculations to examine productivity, client mix, cross selling, client loyalty, client retention, top producers and other information. 

Presentation: How to Differentiate Your Practice 

Before you begin to write your practice group plan, conduct this exercise in this valuable PowerPoint presentation. Follow the narrative in the notes section of each slide to learn how to assess your practice group's position in the market place and how to build competitive advantage for the current and future position of your practice group. This presentation will change the way you think about your practice group and the opportunities available to it. 

Marketing Priorities Overview  

Every practice group leader must deal with attorneys who have differing opinions about which marketing tactics work and which are a waste of money. This document not only tells you which marketing stratgies work best but it gives you the formulas to evaluate any marketing tactic and compare the exposure of each across different channels and audiences. 

Practice Group Meeting Agenda  

Need a simple practice group meeting agenda that assures you that you've covered the most important aspects for running a practice group? Developed by experts in practice group management, this easy to use practice group meeting agenda will asssure you tackle the most important issues and get it done in under an hour.

Practice Group Budget Template 


Not sure which expenses to plan for in your annual practice group marketing budget? This excel spreadsheet makes budgeting quick, easy and ensures you account for all of the various expenses your practice group may face through the year. With embedded calculations and totals, all you have to do is fill in the numbers and the spreadsheet does the rest. Plus, extra worksheets makes adding custom budget areas a breeze. Hover over the category and view the types of expenses you should consider for each category. Now that's easy!

Practice Group Marketing Training Guide - What You Need to Know


The better you understand the capabilities of the practice, the better you can marketing it. This guide walks you through everything you should know about your practice group in order to market it effectively. The guide covers all the areas of the practice and its subspecialities that practice group leaders and marketing staff should know as well as a brief tutorial on practice group finances and growth strategies. This is a must read for anyone serious about building a practice powerhouse.

Practice Group Marketing Plan, Pre- Planning Worksheet  

After you've viewed the Practice Position and Differentiation Presentation, read through this series of questions  in this pre-planning worksheet to organize your thoughts about your group's plan. The form is organized by categories which are typical in practice group plans
 and allows you space to write notes and tactics.

Practice Group Plan 1, Situational Assessment 

The Practice Group Plan is organized into a situational assessment and a marketing plan. both are formatted in a convenient table format to make it easy to combine categories of practice group situational assessments and marketing plans together into a master firm wide multidisciplinary practice group plan. Complete each section based on your notes from the pre-planning document, then transfer your final situational assessment notes into this document. 

Practice Group Plan 2, Marketing Plan  

This document contains the marketing action plan template for the practice group along with a completed example to help guide you in creating your plan. This is an easily referenced document which can be combined with other practice group marketing plans to make a firm wide master, multidisciplinary practice group plan. Complete each section based on your notes in the pre-planning worksheet. 

Practice Group Position and Differentiation Guide - Stand Out

The Practice Group Position and Differentiation Guide is perfect for getting all practice group members on the same page for how to move the practice forward and achieve its objectives. Used in concert with the Positioning and Differentiation PowerPoint, the guide helps attorneys understand how to differentiate their sub practice specialty area, how to move their practice towards more premium rates and how to know when their practice specialty is suffering from pricing and commoditization pressures. 

Practice Group Expertise Chart - Track Who Knows What


The larger the practice group gets, the more difficult it is to keep on top of which attorneys have expertise in the various sub specialty practice areas of the practice group. this form allows you to easily record the experience, cases, attorneys and clients of each sub specialty area of the practice group. Use the form to collect and highlight the best experience in the group and then circulate it to other practice groups so they can easily reference the skills and experience of the group. The environmental practice area is used for demonstration purposes but is easily updated to your unique practice group sub specialty areas.

Practice Position Worksheet - Set Your Direction

The worksheet which accompanies the practice positionsing and differentiation guide, this worksheet is suitable for sharing with each member of the practice group and the group's clients to complete assessments of the strategic importance and ease of substitution of each specialty area of the practice. Send it to clients with instructions to fill it out for either the attorney or the practice group to get the clients view of the relative value delivered by the practice group or attorney. Gaps between attorney self assessments and client assessments can be enlightening. 

Marketing Action Plan - Schedule Your Success

The marketing action plan can be used to schedule all th tasks that may need to be done as part of your practice group marketing plan. The form allwos you to edit all pre-populated tasks to customize the action plan to your practice group plan. With so many tasks pre-opulated, you'll never worry that you didn't do something that you should have done. Use it track the completion of tasks, assign responsibility for tasks and ensure you stay on track. 

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