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Hours Planning Template - Plan Your Time and Activities

This document provides an easy way to plan out the number of hours that an attorney will spend throughout the year along with the activities that will be accomplished in that time. The form is useful  as part of the firm's planning and budgeting process. It breaks down hours by activity types enabling the attorney and management to see clearly where the attorney intends to spend their time. Activity area include pro bono hours, committee work, billing, origination hours, community involvement and numerous others.

Business Development Self-Assessment Guide - How Good Are You?

Not sure whether or not you are doing all you can in your business development efforts? Take the BD Self -assessment to see where you could improve your efforts.  Attorneys preparing to write a business plan can use this self assessment to figure out what activities you like, which ones work for you and what you need to do to move to the next level in your business development initiatives. The narrative format questions make it easy to write down all the things you've done, the challenges you face and where you'd like your practice to go. And the questions cover just about every conceivable activity known to land a client.

Individual Practice Billboard - Help Others Help You                                                   


Use the Individual Practice Snap Shot to share your practice development plan and business development objectives with your partners and referral sources. The Snap Shot is like one page product description that explains what you do, what types of clients you serve, who your top clients have been, your most important cases or transactions and what terms your partners should listen for that will indicate your services are needed. The Snap Shot makes referring work inside the firm a snap.

Attorney Financial Analysis - There's Power in Numbers    


The calculations contained in this document cover a broad range of metrics which can be studied to provide greater insights into the attorney's client mix and productivity. Descriptions include how the information can be used in the analysis. The calculations will paint a detailed picture of the attorney's productivity, collection success, client loyalty, new client creation and client retention, among other factors.

Practice Development Plan Template with Redacted Example 


This document makes writing a practice development plan for an attorney easy. Just fill in the blanks. Download this proven Practice Development Plan template complete with a redacted example to guide you in the completion of this plan. Shave hours off the creation of your plan while ensuring it is thorough and of the highest quality. 

Marketing Strategy Statement with Redacted Example                        


Use the Marketing Strategy Statement as a way to confirm and gain consensus from practice groups, firm leadership or individual attorneys on the marketing strategy proposed for an attorney or practice. The document includes a completed version which has been redacted to give an example of how to complete a well developed strategy document. The form is especially useful in practice transitions (moving from one specialty area to a new specialty area), development of niche practices and practice successions. It is also useful in describing a unique new strategy which requires approval and consensus in the group or firm. The marketing strategy statement covers the situational review, the statement of the strategy, the rationale for the strategy, strategy objectives and key initiatives. It is valuable as a one to two page strategy articulation document to b shared among practice groups, firm wide or among referral sources.

How to Differentiate Your Practice, PowerPoint Presentation 


This PowerPoint presentation can be used to explain in very simple terms how to differentiate an attorney's practice. The model is based on the client's view of the strategic importance of the attorney's practice and the competitive pressures in the marketplace. The presentation comes with descriptions of each step in the practice differentiation development process with a step by step explanation in the notes view of the slide presentation. This short presentation will change the way you understand legal marketing and bring a common understanding and focus to the conversations in the firm surrounding strategic growth and practice development. Use the accompanying models to determine whether your practice is becoming commoditized, whether you are a trusted advisor and the marketing strategies necessary for each phase of this continuum.

Outreach Development Process Road Map


You already know who you need to know to build a profitable practice. Don't believe it? Follow this proven road map to develop a productive client outreach program. The outreach development process shows you how to collect all your contacts, prioritize them, identify contacts that you need to have and how to understand how your existing set of connections can provide value to your network. If you know nothing else about business development, following this road map will do more for building your practice than just about any other activity you can do. Purchase of the road map includes a 30 minute coaching session to explain the process and how to build powerful connections.

The Outreach Calculator


Use this handy spreadsheet calculator to quickly estimate the number of new matters you'll need to reach your goal, how may contacts with your connections you'll need to make, and how many hours you'll record if you meet your objectives and much more. Change the input data to see different outreach scenarios and test what is realistic to achieve in the year. Know how many contacts you have and which types of contacts they are. Input your billing rate, your origination goal, the average matter fees and other information to quickly calculate what you need to do to exceed your billing goals for the year. The calculator will tell you the exact pace of contacts you'll need to make each week in order to achieve your goals.

Practice Development and Transitions Road Map


Review this outline of a proven practice development or practice transitions planning process to guide you through the practice development planning process. The outline takes you from the situational assessment and the types of information that should be considered, through to completing the practice development plan. The outline works equally well for guiding a practice development plan or a practice transition plan in which the attorney is moving from one practice discipline to a new practice discipline area. 

Practice Position and Differentiation Guide  


The Practice Position and Differentiation Guide helps you understand where your practice sits on the practice maturity lifecycle and how best to differentiate your services.  Conducting this exercise will enable you to determine the best ways to differentiate your practice, resist rate pressure through value added or client focused strategies and learn the path to up stream your practice to capture more premium rate work. 


Practice Position Worksheet


Use this worksheet and the accompanying guide to determine where your practice sits on the practice maturity lifecycle. Conducting this exercise will enable you to determine the best ways to differentiate your practice, resist rate pressure through value added or client focused strategies and learn the path to up stream your practice to capture more premium rate work. Send it to your clients with instructions to fill it out for how they perceive the strategic importance of your work. The results provides terrific opportunities to engage clients and learn how your services can better align with company objectives. 

Linked In Basics          


Are you unfamiliar with LinkedIn? Use this guide to walk through the process of setting up a LinkedIn profile, connecting with others and joining groups. The guide covers basic topics such as the use of quality photos, personalizing profile links and how to complete a professional profile plus lots more.