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The Legal Marketing Solutions Catalog 

The Legal Marketing Solutions Catalog contains templates, checklists, guides and presentations to help attorneys and law firm professionals accomplish their marketing and business development goals. 'Workshops' are collections of documents and guides which focus on a particular legal marketing area and can be bought as a a set of recommended documents at a discount.  The catalog contains tools to assist individual attorneys, firm management, in lateral recruiting, practice management and in business and client development. Search through the catalog and let us know of any solutions you would like us to add. Sign up for our e-mail list to be notfied when new solutions are added. To request any of these forms or solutions, please email Eric Dewey at


Individual Attorney Solutions Workshop                                    Suggested Forms and Guides


The Individual Attorney Solutions Workshop contains all of the documents and guides you'll need to write and execute a powerful marketing plan for your practice. Review the presentation "How to Differentiate Your Practice" to understand where you practice sits in the practice maturity cycle and what you'll need to do to make your practice stand out. Then perform the Business Development Self Assessment and conduct the Attorney Financial Analysis to understand your business development strategy and what areas you'll need to focus on. Armed with this knowledge, you can complete your plan using the examples provided for guidance. Plan out the hours you'll dedicate to each task in your plan and circulate the key objectives of your plan to your partners using the Individual Practice Snap Shot and Marketing Strategy documents. Calculate how many contacts you'll need to make each week to stay on track to reach your business development goals and follow the Outreach Development Road Map to colect, categorize and plan your outreach efforts to assure your success.



  • Hours Planning Template

  • Business Development Self Assessment

  • Individual Practice Snap Shot

  • Attorney Financial Analysis

  • Practice Development Plan Template with Example

  • Marketing Strategy Statement with Example

  • 'How to Differentiate Your Practice' Guide

  • 'How to Differentiate Your Practice' PowerPoint

  • Practice Maturity Worksheet

  • Outreach Development Road Map

  • Outreach Calculator

  • Practice Development and Transitions Road Map

  • Linked In Basics



Lateral Recruiting Solutions Workshop                                     Suggested Forms and Guides


The Lateral Recruiting Solutions workshop suggests the guides, documents and forms you'll need to ensure you have a strong lateral recruiting program.  Order individual documents and checklists by selecting forms from the Lateral Recruiting Solutions page. 


  • Client Mobility Assessment

  • Lateral Cross Servicing Opportunities Assessment Worksheet

  • Lateral Marketing and Integration Plan Proposal

  • Lateral Marketing Materials Request

  • Lateral On Boarding Checklist

  • Lateral Partner Candidate Questionnaire

  • Lateral Recruiting and Integration Program Assessment

Practice Group Management Solutions Workshop                   Suggested Forms and Guides


This series of documents, guides and templates will guide you through the creation of a practice group marketing plan. The series includes guides on practice positioning and differentiation, a practice group situational assessment, a practice group marketing plan template and completed example, a set of budget worksheets, a guide to practice group marketing, a practice area expertise chart, and much more. 


  • Emerging Issues Worksheet

  • Financial Analysis for Practice Group Planning

  • How to Differentiate Your Practice

  • Marketing Priorities Guide

  • Practice Group Agenda Template

  • Practice Group Budget Template

  • Practice Group Expertise Chart 

  • Practice Group Marketing Action Plan

  • Practice Group Marketing Plan Example Draft

  • Practice Group Marketing Plan, Pre-Planning Worksheet

  • Practice Group Marketing Training Guide

  • Practice Group Plan Part I

  • Practice Group Plan Part Ii

  • Practice Position and Differentiation Worksheet

  • Practice Position Chart

Business and Client Development Solutions Workshop          Suggested Forms and Guides


These forms and guides help attorneys address unique business development challenges such as developing a content marketing plan, making the most of a conference or ensuring client communications provide value. Download individual documents and checklists by selecting the individual form from the Lateral Recruiting page. 


  • Client Development Strategies

  • Client Value Add Strategy Form

  • Content Marketing Plan Calendar

  • Cross Servicing Opportunities Assessment Worksheet

  • Expertise Chart Sample

  • Hindsights Insights And Foresights

  • How To Make The Most Of A Conference

  • Linked In Basics

  • Thought Leadership Graph

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