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Client Development Strategies - A Cheat Sheet for Getting in Tight


Need to build deeper relationships with clients? Or maybe you want to learn their business better? Or perhaps you need some strategies for re-engaging old clients? Well, there's a 'strat' for that. Check out this list of client development tactics for almost any imaginable client development challenge. Circulate it to attorneys during their business planning sessions to spark ideas  about client development. Document contains multiple strategies for building deeper relationships, learning the company's business, learning the company's industry, meeting key decision makers, and many others.   

Client Value Add Strategy Form - Leave Them Wanting More


This is a handy little form to use to plan out client development initiatives and how you can add value to the client relationship. Complete one for each client prior to your contact or visit. Upload the information after each interaction into your CRM or client development tracking system. The form is great for helping you think about each approach you make to each client. Use this planning form along with the client development strategies document to spark ideas. 

Cross Servicing Opportunities Worksheet - Best Bets For New Work


You have hundreds of clients in the firm. But which ones are most likely to be receptive to cross servicing overtures? Here's a convenient worksheet to help you assess which clients are good targets for cross selling initiatives. Simply review the questions for each target client, assign the numeric value, add the category totals and Voila! You know which clients are most likely to be receptive to your cross servicing overtures. 

Creating Valuable Content with Worksheet - Create Viral Content


Are you providing valuable content to your clients? Or simply sending articles and client alerts that junk up your client's inbox and damage client relationships? More importantly, do you have a way of knowing? Use this convenient assessment tool to ensure the information you send to your clients is valued by them and enhances the relationship. Circulate this to your attorneys so they have a framework to apply that ensures they are writing worthwhile content right from the start. 

Content Marketing Plan Template - Plan Your Brilliance


Manage your content marketing program with ease with this handy content marketing plan template. Use it to manage multiple authors,  topics, and both online line and offline media channels. Fine tune your message, the audience, the key words and other information for each campaign. Integrate editorial calendars to plan the work for ghost writers, marketing staff, associates or attorneys- all in a quick review annual calendar format.

Attorney Expertise Chart - Easily Access Who Knows What


This form allows you to easily record the experience, cases, and clients of each sub specialty area of your practice. Circulate the filled out chart to your partners to help them know how to cross promote your practice. The environmental practice area is used for demonstration purposes but is easily updated to your unique practice group sub specialty areas. [See the Master Practice and Sub Practice Area List- coming soon] 

How to Make The Most of Conference Attendance 


Are your attorneys attending conferences, seminars and CLE? Of course they are. Make sure they come back with more than a nice tan. Send this article several weeks prior to the conference so attorneys can take the pre-conference steps necessary to fully prepare for the conference, maximize their time at the conference and follow up appropriately after the event. Preparing them with this article almost guarantees they will have a successful and productive time out of the office.

LinkedIn Basics - Build The Perfect Profile


Are your attorneys unfamiliar with LinkedIn? Use this free document to walk them through the process of setting up a LinkedIn profile, connecting with others and joining groups. The guide covers basic topics such as the use of quality photos, personalizing profile links and how to complete a professional profile plus lots more.

Thought Leadership Value Chart - Create Content that Clients Want


Use this chart to educate attorneys and help guide the development of content that matters to clients. The convenient chart should be used with the guide on writing content that clients will read. 

Admin Support for BD - Get The Help You Need


Administrative support personnel can provide a wide range of help to attorney business development efforts. Download this free list of ways in which administrative support personnel can ease the burden of business development.