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Business Development Coaching

Coaching Services:

GDC provides coaching and marketing support services to corporate attorneys to increase client billings, attract prospects, or transition an area of practice. Our process is highly flexible and is customized to the particular situation and needs of each attorney. We guide attorneys in analyzing the challenges they face in developing new business, cross-marketing their services, organizing and planning their client outreach activities, and implementing a solid practice development plan to ensure their post-engagement success.  

Our Philosophy:

Lawyers are most successful when they optimize 'who they know', 'what they know', and 'how much they care'. No matter where they are in their career, this Pi-Shaped Professionals™ model can help them achieve their goals, attract more clients and referrals, and be happier in their careers. We don't believe in manipulative sales techniques. Attraction is more powerful than promotion and is a more certain and enjoyable path to a sustainable book of business. Our coaching process is designed to assess and guide attorneys in building powerful connections, providing unique value, and attracting existing and prospective clients through thought leadership and a compelling value proposition.


Every attorney is different and their coaching needs unique. As such, GDC conducts an assessment of the attorney which involves a time and billing analysis, a client analysis, and interviews to determine the attorney's goals, challenges, and competencies. We then review our initial findings with the attorney and identify the key challenges and opportunities facing them in their current practice. Through regular discussions, research, and analyses, GDC formulates a marketing strategy that lays out a path to achieving the attorney's goals. Once the attorney and firm agree to the marketing strategy, a comprehensive practice development plan is developed.

Throughout this process, GDC helps attorneys inventory the people they know, assemble a master list of contacts, segment them by outreach type and prioritize the connections that present the best opportunities for new work. Then, we help them develop an outreach plan that ensures the appropriate level of communication for each type of contact. Throughout the process, we coach the attorney in how to build their book of business and become more disciplined and accountable in their business development outreach and offering advice, proven techniques, and support along the way.


Attorneys will emerge from the process with a deep understanding of the most effective client development activities for their individual style. In addition, we will create a practice development plan that will guide their business development efforts throughout an 18-24 month period. Each plan includes a situational assessment, a marketing strategy statement, and a step-by-step implementation plan covering the activities required to achieve the attorney's objectives. The practice development plan includes a marketing and promotional plan with researched recommendations for speaking and publishing opportunities, a client development plan of specific actions for outreach, and a business development plan including a researched list of associations, conferences, and seminar recommendations. It also includes a set of tactics to address client development opportunities, a list of public relations opportunities, marketing communications recommendations, bio and marketing material revisions (if necessary), social media profiles and training, a list of recommended conferences, associations, events, and publications and a master list of connections and prospects.

Business Development Training 

Our philosophy of business development is simple. Attraction is more powerful than promotion.


GDC's business development training program was developed through decades of observation of the most successful professionals in legal services, banking, commercial real estate and management consulting.  The program, Creating Gravitational Pull, leverages the best practices and proven techniques gained through working directly with hundreds of lawyers, bankers and professional service providers. Courses can be delivered virtually or on site at the firm's offices or a combination of virtual and onsite instruction. Courses are customized to the law firm's individual needs and can include one-to-one and one-to group coaching sessions.

Course materials cover a wide range of topics and include practical exercises and resources to anchor key concepts and techniques. We provide training to practice and industry groups, marketing departments and individuals at every career level. Our more popular courses include:

  • Building Expertise through Thought Leadership and Content Marketing

  • Building a Powerful Network of Connections

  • Practice Differentiation and Competitive Positioning Strategies

  • Outreach and Communication Strategies

  • Attorney Business and Marketing Plans – Finding Your Path Forward

  • Building Personal Influence -Managing Reputation and Influence

  • Developing Business Acumen – Understanding Your Client’s Business

  • Cross Marketing and Internal Promotion Strategies – Grabbing the Low Hanging Fruit

  • Consultative Value Creation – How Co-Creating Value Drives Powerful Client Relationships

  • Effective Client Acquisition Pricing Strategies

  • Seizing Media and Public Relations Opportunities

  • Maximizing Public Speaking and Seminar Attendance



Marketing Plans and Strategy

Great strategy is simple, compelling and easily understood. It leaves no question about what needs to be done. And, more importantly, you'll know clearly what not to do. But getting to a simple yet deeply effective strategy requires tools that reveal the core competencies of the firm and the value proposition that attracts and retains profitable clients.


We provide firm strategic plans, marketing plans, practice group plans and individual attorney business plan development and implementation. In each of our planning sessions, we assist you in identifying, articulating and engineering a set of competencies which form a unique competitive advantage designed to attract profitable clients. 


In our Strategy sessions, you will:

  • craft a simple, compelling strategy statement that enables every stakeholder in the firm to move forward ‘independently together’

  • build a one page strategy roadmap that explains how the practices, operations, finance and marketing work together to produce higher profits and greater efficiency

  • understand where each practice area sits in the commoditization cycle and how to maximize profits in each phase

  • know which marketing tactics will produce the greatest return on your investment

  • know which capabilities and competencies of your firm, as well as those of your competitors, are valued most by your clients


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