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We are a new breed legal marketing consulting firm committed to uncommonly sensible solutions to today's complex legal industry challenges.



What We Do


Group Dewey Consulting provides growth consulting and training services to law firms, practice groups and lawyers. Our core expertise is in business development, marketing, client service and Interviews, lawyer placement support, practice group management and strategy. We base our services on simple, sensible techniques and principles to overcome the complexities of a dynamic marketplace.  


Our Training and Business Development Philosophy

After decades of observing and advising professionals, we have found certain truths about business development in services industries. Several of these are described below. 


Networking is Not as Good as Connecting

Many training providers promote the importance of 'networking', that is, getting out and meeting as many people as possible. While this may be appropriate in some circumstances, we have found that most people already know the number of people they need to know to generate new business leads. Our training focuses on how to identify the people that you know and how to develop a system to maintain regular contact, provide value to your network and focus on the people in the best position to refer work to you. Sometimes our assessment will find that you don't know enough people to accomplish your goals. If so, 'networking', when directed and focused, may be what you need to meet more people. But don't start networking until you know you need to. Otherwise you are taking time from connecting with the people you need to know better.


Simple Solutions Get Better Traction

We see too many professionals trying too many different business development activities. Expectations of the investment time required to generate results is often overly optimistic. And resources are wasted on inefficient activities and/or poorly executed activities.  

Having a successful business development program means finding the two to three best strategies that will work for your unique situation and executing them relentlessly over time.


Attraction is More Powerful than Promotion

Rainmakers understand attraction is more powerful than promotion. Nowhere is that more accurate than in the marketing of legal services. Attorneys don’t like to 'sell' and clients don't like to be sold. While promotion may be unavoidable, the preferred method for engaging a new client, by everyone's account, is to have prospective clients seek you out. Attracting clients is a matter of doing two things really well- building a powerful reputation and building powerful connections.


Results Can Generate Results

Not only does good work attract clients, but success in landing a new client can also attract new clients. And yet, when most professionals land a new client they focus exclusively on doing the work and neglect their business development program. This leads to a tumultuous and frustrating feast or famine cycle in their business development pipeline. The excitement, energy and positive reinforcement associated with winning a new client are the exact energies that most often win more new clients. The key to a consistently full pipeline is to develop a disciplined, consistent approach to business development, one which is punctuated by new clients, not stalled by them. 


What We Value


We value authenticity, innovation, humility and initiative. We look to work with people that share these values, who want to have fun at work and who are committed to growing our businesses together.





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